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Witcher x Old Spice 

A couple of years ago, Old Spice and Netflix signed an exciting new partnership deal to promote The Witcher. There was just one problem: In the times of The Witcher, deodorant didn’t exist yet. What’s more, in the 1200s, people only bathed once a month. Gross.


Out of this dilemma, we uncovered a unique opportunity: In the unclean world of The Witcher, where everyone smells bad, Old Spice would be just as alluring as any magical spell or potion. 

Our stinkiest integration yet kicked off at the beginning Season 2 of The Witcher, in the form of song - an ode to the downright wretched smells of The Witcher, with Old Spice as a far off solution to the stench.

“This is now canon.” @jwk-dog6747

With that, we had set the premise for a huge partnership idea. Now, in the leadup to Season 3, we wanted to take the partnership further, by going deeper into the Witcher world and deeper into the fandom. Because after almost 2 years since last season, loyal viewers were hungrier than ever for Witcher content. 

So, in the days leading up to the premiere, we dropped our own Old Spice-ified teaser to the season: Unloading the deodorized freshness of Old Spice onto the rotten backdrop of Nilfgaard. And with it, a whole bunch of easter eggs:

  • Ciri’s future visions of a fresher world

  • A hand-shaped Martel holding Swagger body wash

  • Singing Faeinnewedd flowers

  • And the unveiling of fan favorite Yarpen Zigrin as our new Old Spice man on a horse

“Might be the greatest thing to come out of the Netflix Witcher series.” - @MyDogCarla

Old Spice didn't just expand its presence within The Witcher world; It played a key role in expanding The Witcher world itself. Within our teaser, we gave fans their very first look at the much-speculated unicorn from the book series, Ihuarraquax. And fans did what fans do best, and ran wild with it.

“Ihuarraquax for Old Spice was not on my 2023 bingo card.” - @Flawney
“Yarpen x Ihuarraquax, the pairing no one could have ever predicted 🤣 ” - @SaraDorren
“Hell yeah, the horses back 👍👍👍.” - @joshuachiabai

In the beginning, this partnership made no sense. But through the power of a great idea, and a bit of ingenuity, we turned it into something incredible. Where the lore of The Witcher world and the lore of the Old Spice world crossed over in a way that fans never expected and never knew they wanted - and yet, couldn't get enough of.


  • Doubled the view rate benchmark for Reddit’s First View Takeover at launch.

  • +10% lift in Purchase Intent for Old Spice Swagger Collection.

  • +127% lift in associating ‘Exciting’ with Old Spice.

  • +6% lift in offline sales for the campaign creative.

  • Beat benchmarks on YouTube for ad recall (+140%) and view rate (33%)

  • Beat view rate benchmarks on TikTok (+85%), Reddit (31%), and Snapchat (+16%)

  • Custom content partnerships with Critical Role and IGN garnered 6.6M views with high engagement and positive sentiment.

  • Twitter / X mentions for Old Spice increased by 15%, with 41K mentions during the campaign flight, including a 943% increase in mentions for Old Spice and The Witcher.

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