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So … what’s the tea this season?


Since there’s lots of stuff to talk about in the WNBA we decided to take that question literally…introducing Make ‘Em Talk.


Our gossipy host will spill all the tea about the hot goss of what’s going on in the W. Stick around. We’ve got a lot to spill.

  • THE TEA - In the launch film for the campaign Gail Bean talks about everything that the WNBA has to offer. From hoops, fashion, to off-season moves, she’s spilling all the tea this season.


  • OFF SEASON - This off season had the internet on the edge of their seats but we’ve got the real tea on what went down. In this spot we spill on Allisha’s move to ATL and the big moves made by NY.


  • RIVALRY TEA -  The game on everyone’s lips is NY v LA, with all of the superteam talk going around we’ve got all of the superteam tea. 


  • FIT TALK  - WNBA has some of the best fits in sports, but we’ve got all the dish on what’s in Diamond DeShields closet. 

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