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“In The Wild” is a first-of-its-kind documentary series for Nike that delves into real stories of everyday athletes who use Nike products in their natural habitat. 


We created this series to show a different side of the brand away from high-profile athlete narratives in favor of authentic athlete stories that would resonate with Gen-Z. From skateboarding sessions in LA to running crews in the Chicago tundra to NYC Basketball collectives, the series shows how sport can be the foundation for entire communities.


That idea is no more apparent than in our featured episode where we tell the story of New York’s very own Lite Feet Nation. They’re a grassroots dance crew assembled by Hype Girl and Chrybaby Cozie to keep the energetic style of ‘lite feet’ alive and thriving in Harlem. But to them, ‘lite feet’ isn’t just a dance genre New York is known for—it’s a neighborhood movement for the next generation.
In this episode we unlock an unexpected, deeper storyline. What we thought was going to be a day of documenting dance, turned into us witnessing a transformational shift with a rising group of peers in Harlem. It begins in the studio where we see familial bonds between the young dancers and teachers. It’s apparent this is more than a studio—it’s a sanctuary. As we venture outside, stories of dance saving lives, being an outlet for loss, and a safe haven for expression quickly become the main takeaways.
Through this series, we were able to capture our target’s attention through truth and authenticity, which generated demand for more episodes. This led to the series being signed off on for a second season in 2024. Just this time, it’s going international. 

Notable campaign metrics:

  • 57M+ organic views across all “In The Wild” content

  • +550% episode reach increase over Instagram benchmark




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