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This film is a response to what is happening today. To the women of Iran. Afghanistan. The United States of America. The women of the world. 

What of their safety? Their education? Their choice?

“My Sister” is an effort to unite women’s rights — human rights — movements as a single, global revolution. And to offer solidarity to those progressing this movement, by recognizing them as we do in Asian cultures:

Not as strangers, but as sisters.

“My Sister” directly combats a weapon that is being used to suppress the global women’s rights – human rights – movement. Authorities such as those in Iran are restricting internet access across the country – effectively cutting off their population’s communication with the world. 

This film amplifies their stories, catalyzes conversations, and reminds women – all over the world – that they are seen. Heard. And never forgotten.

It features documentary footage from real people affected, as well as highlights prominent activists in issues including: women’s rights movements in Iran, Afghanistan, missing & murdered Indigenous women, reproductive justice, forced marriages, sexual assault survivor rights, and transgender rights.

The film’s launch captured immediate, global attention.

Despite starting with no media budget, within days of its release, it garnered $1MM of donated media across partners including National CineMedia (Cinemark, Regal, AMC), Vox Media, Conde Nast, Roku, and more. 

It reached target demographics and was shared across the globe – including activists Sayran Barzani, Priscillia Kounkou Hoveyda, and their respective Iranian communities.

The film’s messaging, making, and reception demonstrate how much stronger a revolution could be – how much stronger our sisters could be –  if they knew: they are not alone.

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