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mini-hoops is a made-for-social show where Jordan Family athletes and entertainers answer quickfire Q&As and get buckets. 

A hoop on the back of a bedroom door is a core memory to so many. One-on-one with a sibling, a best friend, a cousin, mini-hoops are a rite of passage for millions of ballers – together, in our socks.

Inspired by the nostalgia of mini-hoops, and its contemporary resurgence on Tiktok, we created this series to show a different, more irreverent side to the brand, and to highlight Jordan athletes in a fun way that would resonate with Gen-Z. 

With a mix of short and long answer questions, ranging from the pithy and humorous to the serious and worthy, we get to know these world-class athletes as real people, off the court.


Next season: mini-hoops leaves the bedroom and goes on the road.



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