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In an automotive industry that is largely built by men, for men, it’s no surprise that only 2% of mechanics are female. 


As a leader in auto, Ford wanted to inspire more women to join this space by helping them see themselves in it. To do so, we partnered with someone who is passionate about working on vintage Ford cars — Sydney Sweeney.


While best known for her role in Euphoria, she unexpectedly created her own personal TikTok channel documenting her work on a 1969 Ford Bronco and teasing her 1964 Ford Mustang. 


We tapped into her knowledge and passionate fan base, creating an Auto 101 Series where Sydney taught auto maintenance basics like how to check your oil.


We created an inclusive workwear line with Dickies that took into account design, sizing and style that appealed to women while ensuring it had functionality for the shop.


To promote the workwear, a lookbook was created that doubled as a handbook, continuing the Auto 101 Series by featuring Sydney alongside five female mechanics giving step by step instructions for car basics.

Through this campaign, we were able to expand what a person in auto looks like and engage with a female audience who were inspired to challenge male-dominated spaces themselves and were first to defend any men doubting a woman’s ability.


Campaign performance results:

  • 75.4M Earned Impressions with 33% higher female coverage than typical Ford campaigns at launch.

  • +365% Instagram likes than Sydney’s typical content and +1061% likes than other organic posts targeted to women on Ford’s Instagram. 

  • Favorable Opinion increased 24% and relevance increased 30% with Millennial Women.

  • Merch line sold out in 24 hours, without paid media support

  • Drove a 12x site traffic increase the first 2 weeks of the campaign.

  • Contributed +10% incremental product sales at campaign peak.

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