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This is the story about good guys with bad cars.

On a mission to dive deep into car club culture across the country, Ford met New Orleans-based Mustang Mafia. Over 340 members strong, the group meets at the crossroads of their shared love for Mustangs and commitment to serve their community. 

Inspired by his grandmother who generously fed the community through her local restaurant, founder Bert G. and his brother went to feed the homeless and put out a call to everyone they knew to support. When he turned around to see who showed up, it was only Mustang drivers. There was something powerful about the Mustang community. That’s when Bert was inspired to start Mustang Mafia.

In a YouTube short film and nearly 40 pieces of supporting content, Ford tells the story of how the club uses their vehicles to bring people together to serve New Orleans youth. The comprehensive rollout ranged across Ford social platforms, including experimental video design, Instagram grid takeover and a collaboration with a local designer to create a custom founder’s jacket for Bert G. Performance proved that the content struck a chord with Ford’s audience:


  • Mustang Mafia surpassed expectations, earning 2.9 million organic impressions

  • Total engagement rates of 7-10% across Mustang Mafia content doubled platform benchmarks across Instagram, YouTube and TikTok (compared to the auto industry benchmark for IG engagement rate of 1.49%)

  • Sentiment was highly positive and expanded into new audiences who expressed excitement for this kind of content. They shared a mutual love of Mustang, an appreciation for Mustang’s mission, and a strong sense of community.

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