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In the advertising industry, the Cannes Lions award show may get all the headlines, but The One Show is one of the most prestigious awards shows in the world. Our brief was to get people entering this year’s One Show and make sure the industry is talking about it.


We created Brag Bot – a ChatGPT-powered writing bot that had a single purpose in life – to end the Humblebrag for good.




We thought long and hard about what awards culture is. About all the time we’ve spent thinking about how we share the news we’ve been asked to judge or that we’ve won an award. And about how we try to play down our achievements to be humble. We want everyone to know we’ve won but we feel it’s uncool to brag so we post a super-casual-totally-authentic photo of a trophy we “left in a bush last night because we didn’t want to carry it around.” We put awards in the bathrooms of our offices to play things down even though they’re the most likely places a client will visit. And when we announce our achievements to the world on social media – we’re almost apologetic about it.


But awards are a BIG deal. They get you noticed, hired, and promoted, and can even impress your parents, who once questioned your career choice. 

They’re worth properly bragging about.


The AI-powered Brag Bot helps judges, nominees and winners of this year’s One Show really brag about their achievements. Plus – there’s a version of the tool aimed at everyone in the ad industry to help them write brags about all the relevant things; promotions, new work, how hard they’re working, and even how “I had that idea first.” All while calling out the funny side of Humblebragging.


In the first seven days of the site launching – more than 7500 Brag Bot created messages had been downloaded.


Go and try it out for yourself. It’s brag time.

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