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The brief was to find a unifying concept that brings all of Prime’s many offerings (Prime Video, Music, and Delivery) under a single platform - and, in doing so, frame Prime in a more emotional and meaningful way.

Our solution was to reposition Prime from being about availability, to discovery. Prime caters to individuals at every stage of their lives, encouraging them to explore their personal interests through the movies they watch, the music they listen to, and the things they buy. You could say: whatever you’re into, it’s on Prime. 

And what you’re into changes from person to person. In the case of ‘Tache, we explored the controversial story of a teenage girl being ‘into’ facial hair. 'Tache' follows a young girl’s emotional rollercoaster as she comes to terms with her facial hair. Initially, she is dismayed by it and contemplates how to get rid of it until she realizes that her icons have mustaches too, from Eddie Murphy in the Prime Video original film "Coming 2 America" to Frida Kahlo and Freddie Mercury. She marches into school with newfound confidence, channeling her inner Mercury with a flamboyant yellow jacket purchased via Prime. The story is all set to the sound of Queen’s 1982 hit ‘Cool Cat’ played on Amazon Music Prime. This felt like a great opportunity for Prime to tap into pop culture and hero a message of inclusivity about a subject that is seldom discussed, despite being so relevant to so many people.

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