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Allstate has long had a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness. However, those positives have come at the cost of it often being pigeon-holed as the insurance for older people.

But as Millennials grow out of being the participation trophy kids we all loved to hate, our goal was to turn the perceived negatives of Allstate into positives. Ones that could appeal to the growing pains of aging Millennials. 

Because when we reach the age where we are expected to be the adults in the room, we all naturally look around to see what other people who actually know how to deal with all that grownup complexity are doing. These people who know are a trusted resource for us. They’re who we turn to help us figure out all adulthood’s mysteries including which insurance to choose.


The idea was to give Allstate’s tagline,“You’re in Good Hands”, a refresh by showing how people who know, know that Allstate is how generations of adults have known they’re in good hands. And as our lives get more complex, it’s how we can know we’re in good hands too.

We bring this idea to life through a series of characters who have an all-knowing super power. Maybe it's that co-worker who knows a podcast for every topic known to humanity; the family member that can instantly size up whether or not that new credenza you bought has any hopes of fitting in your trunk; or the spouse who can beat the GPS every time. 

"The internet loved it, saying “Oh I know a person just like that” for every single spot." Tapping into this social behavior, we turned being “ a person who knows” into a new form of social currency. 

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